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Milford, CT - The team at Humanitects, Inc. acknowledged several challenges early on in the project to build a website for Murphy International Development, MID develops, manages and finances global energy projects - from wind and geothermal to hydroelectric and alternative fuels projects. Douglas Murphy, President and Founder of MID, selected Humanitects to establish their initial internet presence.

Conducting a user task analysis of his business, Humanitects helped Murphy identify goals, tasks, and users. They identified potential partners like the Sierra Club, and government agencies and officials who might be attracted to the type of renewable energy solutions that MID provides.

From an architecture standpoint, Humanitects determined that the MID website needed to provide multiple ways for people to access information. Humanitects divided the voluminous content into major categories and subcategories. Instead of using a dropdown menu which can be hard to manipulate, MID's lefthand navigation menu changes depending on where the user is in the website. In other words, the navigation itself is intuitive and interactive. Users with particular interests can, with a simple click, easily access the information they seek in greater depth. For someone particularly interested in solar energy, the MID site intuitively employs multiple ways to drill down and access that particular information.

Although the business owner did not request a website built with a content management system, the team at Humanitects provided that framework once they determined the breadth of information and frequent updating the website would require. They built MID with the Article Manager CMS to facilitate cost effective and timely updates for their client. Through frequent updates in the Pressroom area of the website, Humanitects has been able to grow the site organically by making it a definitive resource for anyone interested in renewable energy.

For added value, Humanitects introduced a Photo Gallery to feature most of the projects MID has become involved in. From the Bahrain World Trade Center to the tiny island of Dominica, the photo gallery illustrates that this diverse company has brought renewable energy worldwide. Shortly after the website went live on May 4, 2006, Humanitects added a password protected section for Murphy so that when meeting with prospective business partners, he has access to a complete powerpoint presentation built right into the website's framework.

Humanitects added a level of credibility to Murphy International Development, helping make them a key player in the business of renewable energy.

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Humanitects, Inc.
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