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Web Design Company Helps Non-Profits

by Makayla Silva - Connecticut Post

MILFORD -- Humanitects, a socially motivated Web design company in Milford, has been creating user-centered websites for over a decade.

Founded by web developer Jamie Rude in 2002, Humanitects, at 141 W. Main St., builds websites with "humanity in site," serving the non-profit, health and human services sectors.

Rude said he was moved by the events of Sept. 11, 2001, and after 20 years left his corporate position in which he managed user-centered design for companies like IBM, Pepsi and Federal Mobile to develop his own company.

"There are people who can run nonprofits, but may not have the technical skills that I have. I felt a real calling to take my skills to help people." Since opening 10 years ago, Rude said he has served about 100 clients, with 40 to 50 active clients.

When creating websites for companies like Murphy International, a solar and wind energy company in Georgetown, and Milford Photo, Rude said it's important to make them easy to navigate.

"You should be able to navigate from one end of the website to the other in three clicks or less," he said.

Rude said his company utilizes a user and task analysis, prioritizing the highest pieces of information to optimize each website's design.

While Humanitects works with many for-profit companies like Park Lane Eye Care and the Weston Racquet Club, Rude said the company specializes in e-commerce for nonprofits and cause-related marketing.

Humanitects built sites for Kisses from Katie, an organization helping to support the families, nurses and doctors of critically ill newborns, and the Jamie Lynn Sullivan Memorial Foundation, which promotes smoke detector awareness.

"The people that call us, both nonprofit and for-profit, have a humanitarian piece of the puzzle in the business," Rude said.

Longtime employee Gary Bunting, Humanitects' director of client services, said he often becomes immersed in the organization's cause, which he said, is why clients stick with Humanitects.

"We're proactive, we think of thinks that will strategically help the organization move forward," he said. "One of the pleasures of this work is you get so immersed in their cause. It's rewarding to help someone who needs this assistance."

Rude said his business is less about coding and more about finding the best way to serve his client's needs.

"We try to be part of the solution. When we take on a client, we become a part of their organization. We care about people. I know our clients see that."

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